Owning Kristina

Reality Re-Entry

As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end…” but do they have to? Really? What if I’m not ready?


Como say dicé—bleah?
Yes, Virginia, vacation time is over. After a week of fun in the Mexican sun and “uno mas margarita!” it’s time to suck it up, so to speak, and re-enter reality. The thought of it makes me sad…and not just because it’s over. I’m sad because I’m realizing my reality has become very work-like. Daily demands, decisions, and deadlines have made it—como say dicé?—


And who wants to go from Yah! to Bleah in 0-60? Not this girl. So instead of jumping right back into the thick of it, I’ve decided to take some time to reflect on my vacation and, moving forward, see what I can do to bring a little vacation into my everyday life.


Recipe for Fun
What’s better than traveling to distant lands? Eating in them. Last week, we got to try new  dishes and salsas that had us at hola. Since my Husband is a Food Network Star at home, traveling back to Baja is as easy as uno, dos, tres with spicy tuna tacos and roasted tomato salsa. Can you say, Olé?


Amor de Music
One of the things I loved the most about this trip was the music. We got to hear everything from mariachi to classic rock to a little bit of country—all of which had me smiling and singing by the second chorus. And now that I’m back, I have new touchstones to take me back to that sunny day on the beach. Who knew red Solo cups could mean so much? Apparently, he did.


When in Doubt, Walkabout
On days when we weren’t drinking, eating, or listening to music (hey, it happened!), we were out on a walkabout; discovering the town of Cabo San Lucas. We walked from our villa into the heart of the town, around the Marina, and back again discovering different sites, smells, and shops along the way. I love exploring and often forget that there’s still so much more to discover in my own backyard. This week, a walkabout is definitely on the agenda. But for now, here are some lovely pics (recapping the trip) before I head off to work.

Happy Monday!



Mask_memory Marina_memoryMenego_Lizzett_memoryCeviche_memorypelican_memory doggie_memory quesadillas_memory Office Rambo


  1. Cindy

    Muy bueno! If you ever need an escape from reality, we should arrange a thursty thursday or fiesta Friday con su hermana 🙂

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